The revision of the Greek deficit, speculation of additional austerity measures and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement that Greece's accession to the eurozone was a mistake, mostly dominated the headlines on Tuesday in Athens' newspapers.

ADESMEFTOS TYPOS: "The 4 billion euros 'black hole' sets fire to the State Budget".

AVGHI: "(Greeks) 'convicted' to life sentence".

AVRIANI: "IMF's slaves for at least three more years".

ELEFTHEROS: "Ministers worried and demand from Prime Minister to proceed with corrective changes".

ELEFTHEROTYPIA: "Cuts in 17 DEKO (Public Utilities and Organisations)".

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: "We have voted and now...we are paying".

ESTIA: "Hour of truth for the government".

ETHNOS: "Prime Minister George Papandreou furious with German Chancellor Angela Merkel".

IMERISSIA: "Memorandum's extension - We seek extension of the repayment period for the 110 billion euros".

KATHIMERINI: "Drastic cutbacks in DEKO and state hospitals"

LOGOS: "30 percent cuts in the wider public sector"

NIKI: "German occupation part 2".

NAFTEMPORIKI: "France says 'yes' to the extension of the loan payback period".

RIZOSPASTIS: "The people, with the KKE (Communist Party of Greece), for the abolition of the Memorandum, for popular alliance and authority".

TA NEA: "Peace in the country, war abroad".

TO VIMA: "George (Papandreou) outraged with Merkel's stance".

VRADYNI: "Excuse for new harsher measures".