Three-day events commemorating the 37th anniversary of the November 17, 1973 Polytechnic uprising against the military dictatorship in Greece continued on Tuesday with the laying of wreaths and flowers at the Polytechnic monument by the public as well as officials, including President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias and political party representatives, while statements were issued by parties.

In a statement issued earlier, Papoulias said that this year's anniversary comes in a very difficult year for the country in which many things are at stake.

The President pondered "how many will the 'stone years' be for the Greek society, which is being tested, but also when and how will politics regain their reign over the markets, when and how will the political system find the way to meet the needs of the times.

"The Polytechnic uprising reminds us that the young generation is always on the front lines of the social reversals. Reversals are made with participation and struggle, with devotion to the collective, with faith in something that may seem unreachable, and with distancing from the path of individualism," his statement said.

"The Polytechnic anniversary also reminds us that the slogan of then remains, in a way, what is being is being sought today: We want bread for all, education that produces social culture and active citizens, freedom that is not restricted by fiscal necessity," he added.

"Looking at the Polytechnic, we see the horizon more clearly and hope more vividly," the President concluded.

In its own statement, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) called on the working people and youth to "honor the Polytechnic" by active participation in the counter-attack for hope and prospect.

It said that the heavy sacrifices being imposed on the people will have no end, and no result for the people, while only the creation of a strong social popular alliance against the monopolies, the EU and the parties that serve capitalism can raise obstacles to the barbarous Memorandum that permanently condemns the people to poverty and a life without rights.

The Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN), in a statement, said that the 1973 uprising lives in today's struggles for peace, equality, democracy and social liberation.

"Our message, the message of the renovative radical Left, which gave its own unparalleled contribution to the November uprising, especially to the youth, is a message of dispute and a positive way out through unifying efforts to restore the values and ideals of collectivity, social solidarity and emancipation," the message said.