Greek Prime Minister and Socialist International president George Papandreou expressed satisfaction here over results of the SI council sessions.

The council adopted five resolutions, including one on the global economy following the meeting of the G20 in Seoul, the "Urgent Summoning of Paris" on tackling the repercussions from climatic changes, the global welfare state, the handling of conflicts as well as NATO's strategy and the anti-missile defence.

Concluding the council's sessions, Papandreou made special reference to the first resolution regarding the G20. With the resolution, the Socialist International calls on all major powers to meet again and to agree on a common strategy for the achievement of "viable growth and balanced state budgets and for the reforming of the fiscal system to be decided."

Papandreou said that "with this resolution we are sending an important message to the members of the Group of 20, whose presidency France has assumed in any way."

He also appeared satisfied in relation to the results of the session on the "Summoning of Paris" on climatic changes. He explained that the Socialist International's relevant committee will be having a meeting in Cancun on November 26-27, on the eve of the Environmental Conference, whose sessions will begin on the 29th and last until December 10.

With the resolution the socialists are underlining "with insistence" the urgent need for the conclusion of an "ambitious and realistic international agreement on climatic change, with compromises, targets and binding dates to enable a clear implementation."

Concluding, the Greek PM thanked the head of the French socialists Martine Aubry for the holding of the conference in Paris.