The first-ever Cycladic Art exhibition in Turkey will take place in May, at the noted Sakip Sabanci Museum, with 68 artifacts that will travel to Turkey from Greece, on loan from the collections of the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art and the National Archaeological Museum.The artifacts, comprising Cycladic figurines, clay pots and marble and bronze items from the two Greek museums will make  the journey to Istanbul following the recent approval by Greece's Central Archaeological Council (KAS).
This will be the first exhibition of Cycladic art ever held in Turkey, according to Cycladic Art Museum director Prof. Nicholas Stampolidis, who had the idea for the exhibition.

Stampolidis told ANA-MPA that the exhibition will cover the period from 3200 BC to 2600 BC, beginning from the Early Bronze Age (3200 BC), while another 200 artifacts from Turkey that will be on display, coming from Turkish state foundations such as the Archaeological Museums of Istanbul, Izmir and Troy, among others, will underline the similarities and differences between the two regions, both cultural and commercial, at the peak of the Cycladic civilisation in the 3rd millennium BC.

The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on May 23, will run through August 28.