Two people were killed, three were seriously injured and another three sustained lighter injuries as a result of the use of homemade fireworks during the Easter holiday, Greek authorities announced on Tuesday.  Two men were killed on the island of Rhodes while making homemade fireworks, while a 7-year-old boy is still hospitalized in critical condition after a naval flare exploded in his face during celebrations of the midnight Easter mass in the city of Halkida, central Greece.

A man on the SE Aegean island of Kalymnos lost his arm, while another one was seriously injured and three others sustained lighter injuries in an explosion that occurred in a warehouse in Messinia, southern Greece, where they were making homemade fireworks. 

Last year, three people were killed, while 8 were seriously injured and 2 suffered lighter injuries. 
A total of 142 violations were reported in 12,050 police inspections conducted in private homes, businesses, cars etc in the period between March 24 and April 24 (Easter Sunday) and authorities confiscated 387,197 firecrackers, 484,740 homemade fireworks and 1,801 flares. 

Man jailed for fireworks injury to seven-year-old

A public prosecutor on Tuesday ordered that a 25-year-old man accused of seriously injuring a seven-year-old boy through misuse of fireworks be remanded in custody. He has been charged with causing serious bodily harm, violating laws on the use of fireworks and causing explosions.
The young boy has been hospitalised in critical condition at the Aghia Sofia children's hospital in Athens, where doctors say he stands to lose an eye, after a naval flare ignited during Easter Mass celebrations in Halkida exploded near his head.