The number of fatal road accidents recorded during this year’s Easter holiday was notably smaller, reduced by over 30 pct compared with the 2010 Easter exodus. Nonetheless, 30 people lost their lives in road accidents throughout the country according to statistics released by the Traffic Police on Tuesday.
A total of 27 fatal road accidents, were recorded from the start of the weekend (April 15) before Easter Week until Monday, April 25 when the majority of the holidaymakers returned home. In the same period last year, 43 people were killed in 39 fatal road accidents corresponding to a 30.8 pct reduction compared to this year’s figures.

The number of serious accidents were also reduced to 47 from 48 last year corresponding to a 2.1 pct decline and minor accidents dropped to 348 compared to 365 last year, corresponding to a 1.9 pct reduction.
According to traffic police, 17 of the 27 fatal road accidents were caused by negligent drivers.