The turnover of the Easter market posted a 15 percent reduction this year against 2009, according to estimates by the National Confederation of Greek Trade (ESEE).
The 15 percent decline in shops' turnover during the Easter season was the hardest felt in clothing and footwear, household goods, but also food products.

Regarding retail sales during this year's holiday period, initial data compiled by ESEE's Commerce and Services Institute indicate an average reduction of the Easter turnover of 15 percent compared with the same period last year, which had also posted a 7 percent reduction against 2008.

Turnover in the foods branch fell by 11 percent, compared with a 5.5 percent decline last year, and household goods dropped a further 20 percent from a 13 percent decline last year.

The heaviest decline was clothing and footwear, which slumped 25 percent this year against an 11 percent drop in 2009, with the only exception in children's clothing and footwear, which posted a 15 percent decline.

Finally, gift items and traditional items -- such as Easter candles and toys -- posted a smaller decline of 10 percent, compared with the same period last year.