Electric power consumption was up for a second consecutive month in March, the Hellenic Transmission System Operator (HTSO) announced on Tuesday. The increase was mainly a result of increased demand by major industries powered by the the Public Power Corp. SA (PPC SA) high-voltage grid. Consumption by small and medium-sized enterprises, households and other consumers was marginally reduced. HTSO announced that overall electricity demand increased 2.98 pct in March compared with last year, while in the first quarter demand was increased 1.4 pct. In the same period (Jan.-March) the major industries raised their electricity demand 12.36 pct, while Greek households and other enterprises cut demand by 0.74 pct.

Electricity production from natural gas was up 63 pct and from lignite up 12 pct, whereas electricity production from oil-burning plants was down 99.7 pct (virtually dropping to zero). Electricity production from hydroelectric power dropped 60 pct compared to last year due to reduced water reserves.

Greece continued to have an overall electric power deficit, exporting power to Albania and Italy and importing from Turkey, Bulgaria and fYRoM.