Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Parliamentary Group president Alexis Tsipras, speaking in an interview with Skopje's private television channel "Kanal 5", expressed the view that nothing will change in relations between Skopje and Athens with a pending decision of the International Court at the Hague -whatever it may be- regarding the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia's (fYRoM) appeal against Greece.
"We do not expect this decision to solve the real problem. Even if it is considered that the refusal on the part of Greece for fYRoM to join NATO was wrong, will the problem be solved? The problem will not be solved, bigger problems will be created," Tsipras said.

Tsipras stressed that the Coalition (Synaspismos) was among the first parties in Greece that spoke of the need for the name of the neighbouring country not constituting the major problem in relations between the two countries.
Tsipras also said that his party is opposed to fYRnM's accession to NATO but not because it desires the isolation of this country, but because it considers it a mistaken option.