Main opposition New Democracy spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis on Wednesday repeated the party's position that the 'state audit' conducted by the ND government under Costas Karamanlis had "historically been proven a mistake".
Mihelakis, who first expressed the view during a radio interview on Tuesday, repeated the position during the regular press briefing in response to questions.

The spokesman said that his party had bravely dared to carry out its own self-criticism and stressed that people now looked to ND for solutions to the problems they faced.

He also placed responsibility for the audit squarely on the shoulders of then finance minister George Alogoskoufis, downplaying the role of the former prime minister Karamanlis. He stressed that the party was now looking firmly forward and that ND leader Antonis Samaras will soon be presenting a comprehensive and updated ND programme for exiting the crisis.

Mihelakis went on to describe relations between Samaras and Karamanlis as "very good".