Government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis on Wednesday referred to illegally built constructions in Greece -- which number into the hundreds of thousands -- and the prospect of their future legalisation in exchange for a fee, stressing that any such decision would take under consideration the protection of the environment. Speaking on a private radio station, he said nobody will stop the crucial work underway, stressing that “a collective government decision will not be blocked by a minister, who might have a different view”. He clarified that the settlement of the illegal constructions issue is a matter of a government decision, adding that the problem should be solved in the best possible way.

In an unrelated development, Petalotis said the finances of the public utilities, companies and enterprises should be put in order through spending cuts and wage reductions, while he rejected the prospect of any government reshuffle and snap election speculation.

As regards the size of the deficit, Petalotis pointed out that the fiscal adjustment achieved was notable, adding that the government is faced with major problems and fights every day for their solution.