The outcome of the first General Assembly of the newly-established Episcopal Conference of Austria as well as the overall issues of the country's 500,000 Orthodox faithful, were presented to the Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer by the Conference's president, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of Austria-Exarch of Hungary and Central Europe Michael, during the courtesy call paid by its members to the presidential mansion in Vienna, on Thursday.
Metropolitan Michael was accompanied by the bishops of the Orthodox Churches of Russia, Romania and Serbia and the president of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Austria.

Metropolitan Michael, stressing during the federal president's briefing that the Orthodox faithful in Austria constitute an inseparable part of its religious landscape, hailed the impending amendment in the Austrian Law on Orthodoxy with which, among other things, the Episcopal Conference of Austria that was established last October is recognised as the official interlocutor for the Austrian Republic, while the possibility of the recognition of Orthodox bishoprics in the country is also settled.