Main opposition New Democracy (ND) spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis was scathing in his criticism of apparent disagreements between Environment Minister Tina Birbili and Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou over plans to raise revenue through measures legalising buildings erected without valid permits.
"These people do not even know what they are signing," he said of the ruling party, pointing out that there was provision for the sums raised this way in the 2011 budget passed by PASOK.
"When Mrs. Birbili signed the budget, didn't she know where this 400 or 300 million euro was coming from?" Mihelakis asked.

The spokesman also noted that the rise in Greek bond spreads clearly reflected the failure of the government's policy.

Commenting on a VPRC opinion poll published in 'Epikaira', the spokesman said the gap between the two main parties was closing and was now just one percentage point. ND's goal was to persuade undecided voters that it had a programme capable of leading the country out of the crisis, he added.

"There is hope and a way out. The government is creating a sense of suffocation, a national depression," he said.
Concerning claims in 'Epikaira' that the government was proceeding with additional hiring in the public sector, Mihelakis stressed that the government had to reply to the claims since the paper was citing entries in the government gazette approving 8,000 new government positions.

"Instead of abolishing positions we are establishing them, driving the state's operating costs sky-high," he added.