The reference to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) as "Macedonia" was due to a mistake by an employee of the UN's Secretariat, regarding a UN announcement on the meeting between the Foreign minister of the neighbouring country Antonio Milososki with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, according to explanations given by his office's director to the Greek Permanent Representative, anbassador Anastasis Mitsialis. The Greek side reacted immediately when the mistaken recording was ascertained in the UN's website earlier in the night. The Greek ambassador communicated with the director of the secretary general's office, stressing that the UN's Secretariat must be the guardian of the Organisation's decisions which impose the use of the term Former Yugoslav  Republic of Macedoinia without exception. He also stressed the strong dissatisfaction of Athens over this new case of a mistake by a Secretariat's employee and asked to be informed on the action the Secretariat intends to take for such mistakes not to be repeated.

The Secretariat's officials proceeded with the immediarte correction of the mistake, at 8:30 in the morning (New York time).