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18.40 Results of first combined exit polls expected at 19.00.

19.00 Results of opinion poll conducted by University of Macedonia for Skai TV:

SYRIZA: 36-39 pct
New Democracy: 24-27 pct
To Potami: 6.5-8.5 pct
Golden Dawn: 6-8 pct
Communist Party (KKE): 5-7 pct
PASOK: 4-6 pct
Independent Greeks: 2.5-4.5

19.02 Results of combined exit poll:

SYRIZA: 35.5-39.5 pct
New Democracy: 23-27 pct
Golden Dawn: 6.4-8 pct
To Potami: 6.4-8 pct
Communist Party (KKE): 4.7-5.7 pct 
PASOK: 4.2-5.2 pct
Independent Greeks: 3.5-4.5 pct
Movement of Democratic Socialists: 2.2-3.2 pct

19.10 Number of seats according to combined exit poll:

SYRIZA: 146-158 
ND: 65-75 
Golden Dawn: 17-22 
To Potami 17-22
KKE: 13-16 
PASOK: 12-15 
Independent Greeks: 10-13 
Movement: 0-8

19.22 Results of Kapa exit poll for To Vima newspaper:

SYRIZA: 33.5-37.5
ND: 25-28
GD: 5.5-7.5
To Potami 5-7
KKE 4.5-6.5
Ind Greeks 3.5-4.5
Movement 2.2-3.2

19.27 Results of Pulse opinion poll for Action24 website:

SYRIZA: 34.5-40.5
ND: 24.5-30.5
To Potami: 5-8
GD: 4.5-7.5
KKE 3.5-6.5
Ind Greeks: 2.5-5.5
Movement 1.5-4.5

19.30 SYRIZA supporters celebrate after the first exit polls in Athens. [AFP]




19.32 SYRIZA MP Nadia Valavani on SKAI TV: “We have said from early on in the campaign period that we will seek the broadest possible consensus in order to bring the age of memorandums to an end. SYRIZA can constitute the core and it needs to be supported by forces that seek the same thing.”

19.48 @SYRIZA_gr reacts to early results: “Hope has won” 


19.52 Health Minister Makis Voridis: "What I see from exit polls is SYRIZA has won, and we congratulate them" via Derek Gatopoulos (@dgatopoulos) /AP.

19.56 SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras expected at party HQ at Koumoundourou.

19.58 PASOK chief Evangelos Venizelos calls meeting at HQ after exit polls.

20.00 Germany's Bild reacts to Greek election results: “Euro-fright Tsipras triumphs.” 

20.13 Early data shows 45.3 pct of unemployed voted for SYRIZA, 18.4 pct for New Democracy, 8.8 pct for Golden Dawn.

20.25 "No doubt SYRIZA is the winner," ND's Kyriakos Mitsotakis tells Mega TV. "This is a difficult night for ND."

20.28 Golden Dawn MP Eleni Zaroulia, wife of jailed GD leader Michaloliakos, says party has sealed third place.

20.32 Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann says Greece will continue to need aid and will only get it by delivering on commitments. “I hope the new government won't call into question what is expected and what has already been achieved,” he adds.

20.33 Combined exit poll update:

SYRIZA 36-38 pct 
ND 26-28 pct 
To Potami 6-7 pct
Golden Dawn 6-7 pct
KKE 5-6 pct 
PASOK 4.2-5.2 pct
Independent Greeks 4-5 pct 
Movement 2.2-3.2 pct

20.44 In Twitter message, spokesman for Costas Karamanlis's conservative administration slams ND's “scaremongering campaign,” says party must go “back to its roots.”

20.52 Katja Kipping, leader of Germany's Die Linke party, hails SYRIZA victory as “beginning of Europe's spring.”

21.01 George Papandreou, leader of Movement of Democratic Socialists, says election result must be respected at home and abroad. The former prime minister calls for referendum on debt talks. It is still early to say if his Movement will enter Parliament.

21.04 ND MP Adonis Georgiadis says he may leave the country if he is not elected to Parliament.

21.06 Tsipras arrives at party HQ amid loud cheering by party supporters. Meanwhile, festive atmosphere at party's central campaign kiosk at Klafthmonos square in central Athens.

21.14 Official results with 20 pct of votes counted:

SYRIZA: 35.2 pct 
ND: 29.14 pct
GD: 6.3 pct
To Potami: 5.65 pct
KKE: 5.3 pct
PASOK: 5.2 pct
Ind. Greeks: 4.6 pct
Movement: 2.5 pct

21.32 SYRIZA MP Panayiotis Lafazanis on Alpha TV says “The troika is over. We will seek cancelation of most debt."

21.33 First estimate by Ministry of Interior based on data by Singular Logic:

SYRIZA: 36.5 (150 MPs)
ND: 27.7 (76)
GD: 6.3 (17)
To Potami 5.9 (16)
KKE 5.6 (15) 
PASOK: 4.8 (13) 
Ind Greeks 4.7 (13)

21.43 In statement from Korydallos Prison, Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos says party has won third place for a second time (after European elections) and will receive exploratory mandate to form government if other bids fail.

21.49 ND vice president Dimitris Avramopoulos congratulates Tsipras on election victory.

21.51 Democratic Left (DIMAR) leader Fotis Kouvelis calls Tsipras to congratulate him. Meanwhile, his party – which ran with Ecologist Greens – is expected to win fewer votes than Vassilis Leventis's Union of Centrists (Enosi Kentroon) and Apostolos Gletsos's Teleia (Full Stop) party.

22.02 Alco pollster estimates election turnout at 61 pct; up from local elections in 2014, down from general polls in 2012.

22.13 New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras is expected to make statements at Zappeio Hall. 

22.23 Official results with 40 pct of the votes counted:

SYRIZA: 35.8 pct 
ND: 28.4
GD: 6.4
To Potami: 5.8 
KKE: 5.4
PASOK: 4.9 
Ind Greeks: 4.7
Movement: 2.4

22.30 PASOK chief Evangelos Venizelos congratulates SYRIZA, says leftist party will need broader consensus. He blames George Papandreou, leader of splinter Movement, for PASOK's poor showing in election as well as for Golden Dawn's third place. He calls congress, including leadership vote.

22.31 Samaras calls Tsipras to congratulate him. He is expected to formally concede defeat in a televised statement shortly.

22.53 Speaking from Zappeio Hall, outgoing PM Samaras concedes defeat but defends legacy. “I am handing over a country without deficits, which is a member of the euro and EU. My conscience is clear,” he says. He emphasizes that ND is only 2 pct down on what it received in June 2012 after 2.5 years of austerity.

23.10 George Papandreou, leader of Movement of Democratic Socialists, hits back at Venizelos after PASOK leader blames him for GD's electoral success. In a statement, Papandreou accuses the outgoing deputy prime minister of having worked with Takis Baltakos, the ex-government secretary general who resigned after being found to have maintained direct lines of communication with the neofascist party.

23.12 Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos speaking at Zappeio Hall says "will help stabilize this new political reality. The coming days will be the start of a difficult path, but a Greek path nonetheless.” With 53.6 pct of votes counted, his party is at 4.7 pct (13 MPs).

23.13 European Parliament President Martin Schulz reported to have congratulated Tsipras, says to be planning Athens visit.

23.20 SYRIZA chief Tsipras says Greece is turning over a new page, leaving behind five years of humiliation and pain. He says SYRIZA's mandate closes the vicious circle of austerity, cancels the memorandums of austerity and disaster. “Today, the troika is a thing of the past,” he says...

23.31 Tsipras's speech continues: There are no winners and losers. Today was a defeat for the Greece of elites and oligarchs, he says. The leftist leader says he is ready to negotiate for a “mutually acceptable” solution with the country's lenders. “There will be no rupture, but no continuation to the subjugation either,” he says. Tsipras pledges radical reforms and a plan for growth. 

23.45 Communist Party leader Dimitris Koutsoubas says result expressed people's anger and “false hope” for change. He says SYRIZA will effectively continue current policy.

23.50 Stavros Theodorakis, leader of centrist To Potami party, says SYRIZA needs allies, it will take more than 151 MPs to change the country. He says To Potami will support program to avoid a second election.

23.59 Mega TV reports Independent Greeks leader as ruling out cooperation with To Potami in a SYRIZA government.

00.14 Official results with 70 pct of votes counted:

SYRIZA: 36 pct 
ND: 28.2 pct 
GD: 6.4 
To Potami: 5.9 
KKE: 5.4 
PASOK: 4.75 
Ind Greeks: 4.69 

00.28 To Potami chief Theodorakis expected to meet with election winner Tsipras within next 48 hours.

00.29 President Karolos Papoulias calls Tsipras to congratulate him on victory.

00.36 Guardian front page tomorrow: "SYRIZA's historic win puts Greece on collision course with Europe."

01.05 Official results with 80 pct of votes counted: SYRIZA 36.2 pct (149 MPs), ND 28 (77), GD 6.3, To Potami 6 (16), KKE 5.5 (15), PASOK 4.72, Ind Grks 4.71 (13).

01.06 Abstention vote estimated at 36.9 pct.

01.09 Thank you for following our election blog. We'll be back in a few hours.