The number of unemployed people registered with the Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED) rose 3.75 pct in October to 609,249, compared with September, a report stated on Wednesday.

The highest rise in the figures among the country’s regions were recorded in Southern Aegean (44.03 pct). The number of long-term unemployed people grew by 15,928 or 3.75 pct last month, with the Ionian Islands (+16.53 pct) recording the biggest percentage increase of the month.

The number of unemployed people eligible for unemployment benefits totaled 183,161, down 7.46 pct in October from September, while the number of seasonally unemployed workers in the tourism sector grew 80.85 pct.

OAED said 35.11-pct of people seeking work live in the Attica region (greater Athens area), while 20.64 pct of unemployed people live in central Macedonia.

New hirings totaled 91,594 in October, up 1.03 pct from September but down 9.78 pct from October 2009, while lay-offs totaled 31,241 in the month and termination of contract work agreements totaled 77,850 in October.