The main opposition New Democracy (ND) party expressed vindication referring to the stance adopted by its leader Antonis Samaras and the questions he had posed as regards the European support mechanism and the likelihood of controlled bankruptcy.

ND spokesman Panos Panagiotopoulos said on Wednesday that Samaras had stated after the meeting he had in Brussels with the European Council President Herman van Rompuy last month that he is categorically opposed to the incorporation of the idea of controlled bankruptcy in the under-construction European mechanism.

Samaras had stated that “a controlled bankruptcy is a bankruptcy for the country experiencing it and controlled for all the rest, while it also weakens the unity of the Euro-zone.”

Panagiotopoulos maintained that ND will support the government in all its efforts to resist a mechanism that would incorporate the dangerous process in question. However, he criticized Prime Minister George Papandreou for raising no objections during a relevant discussion held in the EU Summit bodies last month.

ND flatly rejected the likelihood of layoffs in the public sector and stressed that the necessary reforms should be made smoothly, suggesting that the analogy should be, one civil servant hired for every five who retire.

He pointed out that the ND leader has tabled specific proposals for spending cuts in the public sector, mergers and privatizations, adding that the state-owned real estate property should also be utilized.