Private colleges providing tertiary-level education, mostly offering courses under franchise agreements with universities in the U.S. and European Union, have been made part of Greece's Life Long Learning Institutions Network based on a decision announced by Alternate Education Minister Fofi Gennimata on Monday.
As such, in order to be issued an operating licence they will now have to meet standards of quality laid down by the ministry for the first time since such colleges first appeared in Greece nearly 50 years ago.

The criteria for issuing licences are outlined in the ministerial decision published in the government gazette and concern the academic staff, the curriculum and the facilities available at such colleges.

"Free Studies Workshops operated without rules for 50 years. The quality of their services until now depended on how conscientious their owners were," Gennimata stressed, adding that this would no longer be good enough and expressing her conviction that the quality of these institutions would be considerably improved, benefiting thousands of students.