“We have proceeded with major structural changes in a very short period and in the past 18 months we did more than what other governments did not do in decades,” government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis stressed on Monday, adding that “the government had to stop the country from falling off the cliff”.
He made it clear that the government of Prime Minister George Papandreou “leaves nothing for later like the preceding New Democracy (ND) government did” and condemned the ND policy “that led to the memorandum”.
Petalotis underlined the government’s determination to proceed with the necessary reforms and changes that will pull the country out of the crisis.

As regards the telephone communications between PM Papandreou, US President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel, he stated that they were not secret contacts clarifying that they are made regularly and that debt restructuring is out of the question.

Referring to the likelihood of the extension of the debt repayment period and the reduction of the debt interest rate, he stated that “restructuring is totally different from the improvement of debt repayment terms”.

On the controversial landfill project planned in Keratea region of east Attica that had led to a months-long standoff between police and local residents protesting against its construction, Petalotis stated that the project will proceed as planned, adding that “details will be discussed” but “EU funds will not be lost”.