Appearing before Supreme Court Deputy public prosecutor Anastasios Kanellopoulos on Tuesday, the chief of the Attica police said broken turnstiles at the OAKA stadium had prevented police from controlling hooliganism at the Greek Super League Cup Final match last Saturday.
The April 30 game between AEK Athens and Atromitos was marred by extensive violence both inside and outside the stadium grounds while the match had to be ended early after AEK supporters stormed the pitch during injury time.

Kanellopoulos launched a preliminary inquiry investigating all aspects of the incidents in order to determine whether there was negligence on the part of authorities, the football federation EPO or supporter organisations.
The Attica police chief said that he had devoted a large number of men to police the specific match but the broken turnstiles had made effective control of supporters entering the stadium impossible because they came through in large groups.

He also noted that the Greek Police do not yet use trained dogs at stadiums while it was not possible to make more extensive use of tear gas to prevent the incidents escalating.

The prosecutor will also summon EPO officials responsible for the contract with the security firm for the stadium, the head of the security firm and two managers of the OAKA stadium, as well as the police officers in command at the stadium last Saturday.