A one-day conference will be held in Athens on May 18 to focus on efforts to boost the wider region's business environment and cross-border trade cooperation. The same conference -- entitled "Building Powerful Influence: The New Face of Regional Business -- will take place in Belgrade two days later on May 20. 

Presentations and discussions will touch on the issues of global leadership, international negotiations and conflict resolution, regional business development, strategic cross-border communications, international-regional relations, so-called "glocalisation" and entrepreneurship.

Speakers include Alex Rondos, a noted former Greek ambassador at large, and current international foreign relations adviser; Michael Landers, a global business consultant; Oleh R Kaarmik, a global negotiator and mediator; Dimitris Keridis, a professor of regional studies and Balkan expert; Elena Panaritis, an economist and author of the book "Prosperity Unbound; Annette Rondos, a cross-cultural and corporate communications trainer; and Elisabeth Morris-Maragoula, an international strategic communications consultant.