An Athens appellate court on Friday upheld a previous conviction against self-styled anarchist Giorgos Vogiatsis-Voutsis and sentenced him to eight years in prison for the robbery of a National Bank branch in Athens’ Gyzi district on Oct. 3, 2007. The defendant, 25, was found guilty of robbing a bank and illegal possession of firearms.
In his testimony before the court, he maintained that he has no regrets for his action, adding that he does not intend to repeat it. He also claimed that his "ideology" does not allow him to use force against people.

The defendant’s father, veteran leftist cadre Nikos Voutsis, told the court that only his son “can say why he did what he did. It is an act for which I cannot relate. I do not share this ideological direction. However, I understand the way young people react.”

Voutsis was apprehended by a passerby as he fled the bank with 23,000 euros, moments after holding it up along with a still undetected accomplice.