Police on Friday announced that 35 suspects were taken into custody during a massive law enforcement sweep revolving around the ambush of a motorcycle police patrol in the working-class district of Rendi, Piraeus last March, an incident that left two officers dead. Another two motorcycle officers were injured during an initial car chase, when fleeing suspects opened fire on police in pursuit.
Authorities said they cracked the case in cooperation with the counter-terrorism unit and even assistance from the intelligence service.

According to initial reports, four main suspects -- two Albanian nationals and two repatriated Greeks from the former Soviet Union -- are considered as the perpetrators in the double homicide. 
Out of the 35 arrestees, 11 suspects will be led before a prosecutor on charges related to the deadly incident.
According to a police spokesperson on Friday, four gunmen participated in the bloody clash, of whom a 36-year-old and a 28-year-old have been arrested, while another two remain at large and believed to have skipped the country.

According to DNA material found on the assault rifle left in the stolen car after the clash, at least one of the shooters was the 28-year-old.