The memory of 3,700 Greeks who lost their lives in the former Nazi concentration camp of Mauthausen, in Upper Austria during World War II, was honoured at the Greek memorial there on Sunday with a religious ceremony, speeches, the laying of wreaths and the presentation of the work "Mauthausen" of composer Mikis Theodorakis.
The religious ceremony at the Greek memorial of Mauthausen was held in the presence of representatives of the Greek state, headed by the Greek ambassador in Austria Panayiotis Zografos, of the Republic of Cyprus and Greek mass agencies, as well as members of the expatriate community in Austria.

The Greek ambassador expressed the wish in his address that such a crime will never be repeated in the history of mankind, stressing the need for respect for values, principles and human ideals that lacking any ideology Nazism tried to eliminate with its atrocities.

The musical group of Vienna "The Greeks" then presented at the Greek memorial Theodorakis' "Mauthausen", with poetry by Iakovos Kambanellis, flanking it with parts of the composer's two other works "Epitafios" and "Axion Esti."