Ruling PASOK maintained a 3.8 percent lead over main opposition New Democracy (ND), according to the results of a MARC opinion poll appearing in the weekend edition of Ethnos newspaper.
According to the poll results, PASOK was preferred by 24 percent of the respondents, against 20.2 percent for ND, and followed by 7.8 percent for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), 6.8 percent for the Popular Orthodox Rally party (LAOS), 3.3 percent for the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIΖΑ parliamentary alliance), 2.9 percent for the Democratic Alliance party, 2.6 percent for the Democratic Left party, 2.4 percent for the Ecologists-Greens, 5.17 percent for other parties, while 7.95 percent were undecided and 16.4 percent opted for blank votes or abstention.
Also, 68.8 percent of the respondents were against early general elections, while 50.3 percent believe that the current PASOK government will not complete its entire four-year term in office.

Further, 67.7 percent of the respondents said the government should continue with its planned reforms, 59.7 percent were in favor of abolishing tenure in the civil service, and 63.7 percent agreed with privatisations and exploitation of the state property.

Regarding the composition of the government, 77.3 percent of the respondents said they would prefer the participation of technocrats, while 64.8 percent desired a smaller government scheme and 17.8 percent agree with the current number of ministers.