Greece plans to abolish seven Consulates General and two Consulates abroad, as well as its permanent representation to the Western European Union (WEU), with three Presidential Decrees submitted for processing by the Council of State, it was made known on Sunday.
Under the Presidential Decrees, the Greek Consulates General in Brussels, London, Paris, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig and Naples and the Consulates in Nice and Durban will be abolished, while Consular offices will be established in three embassies -- in Brussels with all of Belgium as its area of authority, in London with all of the UK as its area of authority, and in Paris with all of France as its area of authority with the exception of the areas belonging to the regional authority of the Greek Consulate General in Marseilles.

Also, regional authorities of Greece's consular authorities in Brazil, Germany, Italy, S. Africa and Serbia will be redistributed, while the composition of Greece's permanent representation to the European Union (Brussels0 will also be redetermined.