Greece's lawyers rejected a meeting with the Troika representatives for Tuesday, in a vote during an extraordinary plenary meeting of the presidents of the Bar Associations throughout the country held in Athens on Sunday, stressing that they do not acknowledge the troika as an institutional body nor intend to "legitimise their presence" in Greece.
The Bar Associations' presidents held an extraordinary plenary session on Sunday to discuss a proposed meeting a Troika delegation on Tuesday afternoon, of which justice ministry secretary general Athanasios Xiros had informed plenary president Yiannis Adamopoulos.

The plenary voted against the meeting with 33 votes against only 9 votes in favor of the meeting, and said in a statement that the country's lawyers acknowledge as their interlocutor only the justice minister as the institutional representative of the country's elected political leadership and the authoritative official for the issues of their sector, adding that the lawyers are always in absolute cooperation with the minister for the resolution of their institutional issues.

However, the statement continued, the lawyers "in no instance agree to take part in the meeting, with representatives of the Troika as the interlocutors", adding that they do not acknowledge the Troika as an institutional body nor legitimise their presence in Greece.

It is noted that the Board of Directors of the Athens Bar Association was also convened urgently on Friday, and it also turned down the justice ministry's invitation to meet with the Troika. The Athens Bar Association also said that the problems are resolved through understanding and a frank disposition for cooperation with the authoritative institutional agencies alone, as has been repeatedly proved.

The Athens Bar Association and various trade union and other bodies have taken recourse in the Council of state against the Memorandum, and a relevant ruling is pending.