Speaking on Lefkada later in the day, Papandreou reiterated that there were never conspiracies or pre-determined decisions for the country's recourse to the EU-IMF Support Mechanism.
He described the 110 billion euro EU-IMF support loan as a "breather" so as to gain time to make the necessary changes to the institutions, the state and the mentality in country, noting "that we are passing in these positions, but the state remains and has continuity".

Papandreou said that no one likes the medicine he must take when he has a long-standing problem, but taking the medicine is necessary to pass into a different state "when we are not healthy".
"We took tough decisions which, despite the logical criticism, are understood by the great majority of the Greek people," he said.

Papandreou stressed the need for introducing a new develop-mental model.

PM meets with local authorities on Lefkada

Prime minister George Papandreou stressed that his government took office in order to proceed with major changes and lead the Greek society to certainty and security, and the creation of confidence between state and citizens, speaking after a meeting with local authorities on the island of Lefkada.

He said the great changes and growth must be effected in crisis conditions, and stressed that the working people and pensioners more easily realise the necessity of the measures than the various organised interests with their privileges.

Development, he continued, will be the result of an overall change, and not minor interventions, while he also placed special weight on education issues, stressing that the schools need to open up to the local societies.