Prime minister George Papandreou made an appeal for Greece to be left in peace to do its job, responding to a flurry caused by a German magazine article that Greece was considering exiting the euro currency and returning to the drachma, and which drew sharp reactions and denials from Greece and various EU bodies.
"I call on everyone, especially in the EU, to leave Greece in peace to do its job," Papandreou stressed on Meganissi on Saturday, on the sidelines of the 4th national Conference of Small Islands, and passed off the speculations as "irresponsible".

Papandreou stressed that his government is managing the country's debt with responsibility and seriousness, with the interests of the Greek people as its criterion.

The premier charged that certain individuals attempted on Friday to spread fear for "speculative purposes", and warned of dangers lying in wait and provocations, stressing that no scenario of Greece's exiting the euro was discussed at Friday's informal meeting chaired in Luxembourg by Eurogroup president Jean-Claude Juncker.

He warned that the Greek government must not become embroiled in the "scenario-talk" that frequently touches the "verge of criminality", and negatively affects the psychology of the Greek people and investors.

The effort being made by the Greek people cannot be undermined by various scenarios, Papandreou warned.
Addressing the Greek people, the prime minister said that "we hear the most outrageous scenarios" and "those spreading them are not considering the country's interests".

To those seeking "alibis" and "resorting to prefabricated stories" of a supposedly pre-decided recourse to the IMF, "we reply that we are on a course that is saving the country, saving salaries and wages, and saving the economy".
"No provocation can bend the psyche of this proud people," Papandreou stressed, and called for unity because "we constantly face analyses and recommendations and speculative attacks".

The premier stressed that the changes will proceed, and must be fair and more determined.

"We will attain our goal...for a fair, sure and viable Greece for our children," he said.