Interior Minister Yiannis Ragoussis, addressing Monday the conference of the "International Transparency-Hellas" on the theme of "State and Corruption" taking place at a downtown hotel in Athens, announced important changes in the legal framework on the checking of the finances of parties and politicians.
Ragoussis said that in the coming weeks the draft law, which includes predictions on the funding of parties from legal entities as well, with assurances, will be made available for consultations.

It is reminded that the political parties have huge debts to banks, giving as guarantees their revenues from the state subsidisation of coming years.

Ragousis said that all the changes that will take place for transparency in the checking of parties' finances will be combined with the changing of the electoral law, adding that the government aims at the relevant bill being ratified by all the political forces and noted that if this is not achieved then the government will proceed with its ratification.