Communist Party of Greece (KKE) secretary general Aleka Papariga, speaking in an interview with NET on Monday, said the government and the EU are discussing how the so-called 'haircut' will take place, "we call it degradation of capital, destruction of production forces, we have our own terms."
Papariga added that she was not surprised with all that happened in Eurogroup meeting in Luxembourg on Friday, noting that the discussion that must take place is "who will foot the bill most".

Asked whether bankruptcy or the so-called "haircut" of the Greek debt is a one-way path, the KKE leader said that in the past and now, for the cycle of the capitalist crisis to be able to close and the profit-making of capital to begin again, apart from the rights of working people being destroyed a part of capital must also be destroyed or degraded.

This will be enterprises, a part of enterprises, because they cannot do otherwise, she added.