Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas, in a message on the celebration of Europe Day on Monday, stressed the imperative need for the European politicians to state their position on the new reality and take decisions, giving sincere answers, as well as the importance of EU solidarity and the participation of the European citizens.
"Solidarity must not remain a void letter, particularly today that we are before great developments that put to the test the endurances of United Europe. And I refer here particularly to the challenge of the joint economic and monetary policy on economies that are at a different economic cycle stage, as well as to increased migratory flows from the South that no country of the EU must be left to handle alone," he said.

The Foreign minister, also referring to the 30th anniversary, this year, of Greece's accession to the EEC, stressed that Greece is supporting and promoting the European Idea, while expressing optimism that the current period of recollection will lead to the deeper destination of the European Union itself.