Austrian Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger, in statements on Monday, said he considers an exit from the eurozone by Greece "inconceivable."
Speaking during an event at the Diplomactic Academy of Vienna on Europe Day, Spindelegger (who is also the leader of the conservative People's Party that participates in government with the Socialdemocrats), termed Greece's exit from the euro inconceivable, stressing that "I cannot imagine that this is what the Greeks want."

He further said that the euro's Support Mechanism secures the overindebted countries of Southern Europe adequately, while claiming that "there is no alternative option" to the measures the EU has already taken, noting at the same time the importance of a stable euro and adding that "nobody stands to gain when the euro sustains pressures."

Spindelegger reacted negatively to the possibility of joint economic governance in the EU, saying that it is "excessive" and "unnecessary" for separate countries to cede duties, such as that of tax policy, to the EU.