Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis on Monday told reporters that the government provided no details concerning last Friday’s meeting in Luxemburg, which focused on economic developments in Greece.
Mihelakis stressed that there are “only scenarios available and not facts”, pointing out that “even government officials were unaware” of the meeting.

He spoke of "government propaganda" when asked to comment on whether ND leader Antonis Samaras is "pressured" from abroad, the European People’s Party (EPP) in particular, to give his consent to new government-imposed austerity measures.

The ND spokesman repeated Samaras’ statement that his party “cannot be blackmailed”, responding to a question on the stance ND will adopt in case the government calls for a strong majority support when the medium-term programme will be voted in parliament.

Mihelakis avoided commenting on recent opinion polls, pointing out that ND is interested in winning over the citizens who remain undecided.