Health minister Andreas Loverdos on Monday proposed that the updated Memorandum should be passed by an increased parliamentary majority, during a press conference. Loverdos further proposed that all economy-related bills be co-signed by all the members of Cabinet from here on.

"In order to send the necessary message in all directions, relevant draft laws, with the policies mentioned above, should be passed in the context of a creative parliamentary procedure in which all the data on the country's economic situation are submitted to the MPs, and on which we should ask for an increased majority of 3/5ths or 2/3ds (180 or 200 votes in the 300-member parliament) for their passing," Loverdos said.

He added that this was mandated by the country's interests and would serve as a resounding reply that the Greeks are fighting to overcome the dramatic situation and that their efforts are not limited by party lines and by the harmful polarisaton that has plagued the Greek political system for decades.

Loverdos added that whoever realises the tragic state of the circumstances cannot but agree with the need to forge the unity of all the forces of the country.

Gov’t on health minister’s statements
Government spokesman Giorgos Petalotis on Monday offered full backing to Health Minister Andreas Loverdos shortly after the latter’s press conference.

Petalotis said “Loverdos is doing an important work”, underlining the positive work he did during his term in the ministry of labour when he managed to give a solution to the social security issue.  

As regards the proposal made by the health minister suggesting that the Medium-Term Programme be passed in parliament with a strong majority vote and that the decisions reached with the troika should be approved by the cabinet, Petalotis stated that it is “a productive practice when the government ministers table their proposals and viewpoints in a dialogue, however, the decisions are made by the cabinet where a common policy-line is shaped.”