The major project for the Greek government is a radical simplification of tax laws in the country, Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou emphasised on Monday.
Addressing a conference organised by Transparency International Greece on the issue of “State and corruption: How to Build High Levels of Integrity”, Papaconstantinou, commenting on "grey zones" existing in the relations between taxpayers and tax agency officials, stressed that taxpayers must be kept out of tax agencies.
Along these lines, he recently announced a drastic cut in the number of tax bureaus around the country -- from 300 to around 80 -- in an effort to combat corruption.

The minister reiterated once again that tax evasion was a crime and noted that this crime was so big that was undermining a recovery of the economy. He added that he did not believe in the necessity of one single tax factor, but to a progressive tax system.

“We are currently in a difficult position, as the country was based on the wrong growth model. This does not mean that there is no prospect,” he added and expressed his optimism that measures adopted by the government would result to fiscal consolidation, more jobs, etc.