Prime Minister George Papandreou, addressing an "International Transparency" conference on Monday on the theme "State and Corruption", stressed that transparency, solidarity and meritocracy are the principles "we are serving".
Papandreou referred to the pathogenies of the Greek state and to the efforts the government is making lately to change things.

The prime minister attributed to practices of untransparency all that is taking place in the international economy lately as well, the actions of markets, as well as the attack Greece sustained as well as the euro last Friday.
Papandreou termed as "criminal propaganda" against the country what has taken place in the past days, as he said, against the euro. He said they are undermining the country as well as the eurozone.

The prime minister attributed to the monetary system that it was the one that tought deceit with various products it was selling as first class, while he also classified in the same category the "offshore" companies that "manage resources that are stolen from the peoples."

Lastly, he referred to the change that is being promoted in the electoral law on the funding of parties, in the framework currently permitted by the constitution, while stressing that that there is a will on the part of the government for a change in the law on the responsibility of ministers during the constitutional revision.