Inhabitants all over the planet, including Greece, will be treated to a cosmic fireworks display put on by shooting stars, as the annual Leonid meteor shower peaks in the first hours of Friday just before dawn.

The Leonids, the most spectacular of the meteor showers, grace the night skies in November each year.

The best time to view the meteor shower is in the last hours before dawn, after the moon has set and as the constellation Leo, from where the meteors appear to emanate, is at its peak in the southeastern sky.

The Leonids are the cosmic debris from the Tempel-Tuttle comet. The tiny comet particles orbit the sun in a direction opposite that of the Earth. As a result, they hit Earth's atmosphere at exceptionally high speeds of some 72 kilometers per second, resulting in very swift streaks of light, some of which leave persistent trails in their wake lasting for several seconds.