Olympic medallists sprinters Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou, who won gold and silver medal in their respective events at the Sydney Olympics of 2000, were on Tuesday given suspended jail sentences of 31 months each for staging a motorbike accident in order to avoid a doping test. Their former coach Christos Tzekos was sentenced to 33 months for his involvement in the affair.
Sentences between six and eight months in jail were also handed down to doctors at KAT hospital in Athens, who had the two athletes admitted for treatment after the alleged accident, and two alleged 'eye-witnesses', who were given sentences of seven and 15 months.

All the jail sentences were suspended pending appeal.

In its decision the court accepted previous good character as a mitigating circumstance only for the two alleged eye-witnesses to the accident, while for the doctors it acknowledged that they had not acted from base motives.
The two athletes staged the accident on the eve of the Athens Games of 2004, in which they were scheduled to compete.