Prime Minister George Papandreou, addressing an informal cabinet meeting on Tuesday, stressed "today we are deciding to forge ahead", while recommending solidarity among ministers and determination in the implementation of the government's work.
"Our message is self confidence and trust in the strength of our people. And our will is to change Greece. We are serving this message with actions, which is also essential to pass to the European Union and internationally," Papandreou said .

The prime minister mentioned that extensive and systematic consultation has taken place on the road map programme, meaning on the government's basic decisions for an exit from the crisis and economic growth.
Speaking at the end of the informal cabinet meeting, held at the Maximos Mansion on Tuesday afternoon, Papandreou said, "we took decisions unanimously for our focal options. We are achieving our goals with a clear course. We took our decisions with seriousness with a feeling of justice and defence of the public interest."
Papandreou also said, according to reports from a government official, there was no qulestion of the country exiting from the euro, nor a case of debt restructuring, elections or a reshuffle.

According to the same official, the prime minister stressed "we decide, proceed and implement our decisions adopting our policy absolutely, whose basic axes are the structural changes in 2011, the privatisations and the medium-term plan."

PM Papandreou to chair cabinet meeting on Wednesday

Prime Minister George Papandreou will chair a regular cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning, it was announced on Tuesday.