Prime minister George Papandreou stressed the need for a "broader sense of unity and support" in order for the country to stand on its own feet, during a meeting on Tuesday with President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias.
Papandreou said that the "national struggle must continue for changing the country, with decisions for the continuity of the changes". Papoulias, in turn, reiterated his call for a nation-wide effort, speaking of a national cause.
On speculation concerning Greece, the premier said that "our reply must be persistence, determination and cool-headedness".

Papandreou noted that his government has chosen to make the major changes without taking into account the political cost, and expressed his conviction that the overwhelming majority of the Greek people understand that the changes need to be made and to create a viable and socially just economy.

President Papoulias also noted an "interesting" article in the German newspaper "Suddeutsche Zeitung" that spoke of a "speculative game against the euro and Greece".

Speaking to reporters after his meeting with the President, Papandreou said that Greece is at a turning point, with the overwhelming majority of the Greek people desiring a continuation of the major changes necessary.
"We are taking our decisions, on which I briefed the President of the Republic, to guarantee not only the country's exit from this crisis, but also for a viable economy and a just Greece that relies on its own forces and believes in itself".