Main opposition New Democracy (ND) President Antonis Samaras will meet on Friday with “troika” inspectors at the party’s headquarters in Athens.

In the meeting, scheduled to take place at 1:30 pm on Friday, Samaras will repeat that “the memorandum policy suffocates the Greek economy when what’s necessary is to give a boost to growth.”

He will make it clear that ND is against a layoff policy in the public sector, underlining that it will not solve the problem because it will only increase unemployment and strengthen the vicious circle of recession. However, he will support the implementation of structural reforms in the public and wider public sector to cut costs and increase effectiveness. Also, Samaras will flatly reject the likelihood of controlled bankruptcy.

Before meeting with the “troika” representatives, he will chair a meeting of the party's executive secretariat to discuss the outcome of the recently held local government elections and the state budget tabled in parliament on Thursday.