A 31-year-old demonstrator who suffered head wounds in violence in the center of Athens during a 24-hour nationwide labor strike on Wednesday was reported in critical and stable condition on Thursday after undergoing emergency surgery.
In a related development, a police officer was injured after being attacked by a group of approximately 50 people at Nikaia hospital on Thursday where went, together with two colleagues, for a preliminary investigation into the serious injury of the demonstrator.

The police officers managed to escape the livid crowd in their patrol car.

According to a hospital announcement signed by chief of surgery Stamatios Pinis and the injured demonstrator Ioannis Kafkas' attending surgeon Panayotis Papanicolaou, the patient was brought to the hospital by ambulance a few minutes before 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday after a reported beating, and the clinical examinations revealed external wounds to the head and bleeding from the right ear.

The announcement said that the patient presented gradual loss of consciousness and slipped into a coma while being treated in the Emergency Room, and required urgent intubation.

Further examinations revealed fractures to the skull and an extensive cranial hematoma and the patient was rushed to surgery later Wednesday for removal of the hematoma, relief of pressure on the brain and containment of haemorrhage.

The operation was successful, and the patient was in the intensive care unit in a drug-induced coma and on a respirator. Despite the relative stabilisation of his condition, the patient remained in critical condition, the hospital announcement concluded.

Kafkas was injured in clashes with police during a protest march against the government's austerity measures.