Fugitive ex-judge arrested in London

Former Athens first instance judge Antonia Ilia was arrested on Thursday in London on an Interpol warrant.
Ilia, a cashiered ex-judge that fled the country several years ago, is wanted on no less than five European warrants. Greek police reportedly provided a tip-off, leading to the fugitive's arrest. Procedures for Ilia's extradition are underway.
Ilia stands accused of participating in a trial-fixing network masterminded by a high-ranking priest. She was first suspended from her judicial seat for not filing statements of means and income between 2001 and 2003.

London court to consider extradition of fugitive former judge

A local court in Victoria, London will soon be considering Greece's request for the extradition of fugitive former judge Antonia Ilia, who was arrested in London based on an Interpol warrant on Thursday.
Ilia is wanted on five European warrants after the cashiered ex-judge fled Greece several years ago in the wake of a judicial corruption scandal, when she was accused of participating in a trial-fixing network.

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