Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos, addressing a conference organised by the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce at a downtown hotel on Thursday, expressed disagreement with the holding of elections and with coalition governments, but expressed support for the need for honourable cooperation between the governemnt and the opposition.
"If we shape the internal political preconditions we shall be able to change the international preconditions as well," he said, adding that "securing unity and national rallying we shall be able to convince our partners that the commitments we have assumed for many years we have assumed as a nation and not as a government. We must realise that there is not even a minute to lose, there is no ground for internal negotiations."

The Defence minister assessed that "the great majority of the people is experiencing the difficulties hoping to see light. We can find light, we shall find it if we move united with joint rallying, speaking of us and not with I."
On his part, the German ambassador in Athens said that "we support Greece and we are expecting the government to carry out the missions that are described in the memorandum, to hear that the government will implement in the coming months the privatisations, the reorganising of the state now, when it is having decisive discussions with the troika."