The presidium of Parliament's Standing Economic Committee and the representatives of parties - ruling PASOK, main opposition New Democracy (ND) and Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) - observed a largely unified stance towards the troika (International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Union) representatives in an incamera meeting they had in Parliament on Thursday afternoon, at the latter's initiative and in which the parties of the left refused to participate.
According to reports, the Greek deputies raised with the troika's representatives the problematic aspect of the existing Memorandum's performance, stressing the need for its amendment, since "the recession is leading to a decrease in revenues and as a  result of the burdening of society there is the danger of social explosions."

The deputied also appealed for a milder procedure for the debt's repayment, so that funds can be directed to growth. The issue of European solidarity that must be displayed, was also discussed. On their part, the troika representatives observed that the reforms agreed have not proceeded to the extent agreed, and stressed the need for at least the two mainstream parties to show consensus for their implementation.