Main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras on Saturday again rejected any prospect of consensus with the PASOK government's current policies, underlining that he will not act as a "co-manager" of the country's economic impasse, as he said.
"We have rejected any prospect to co-rule, and possibly leading the country into the wrong direction. We have proposed a basis of real consensus, namely, our programme". 

Samaras, whose interview was carried in a local Athens daily on Saturday, also emphasised that he wants a clear popular mandate in order to lead the country out of the impasse, adding nevertheless, that he will not demand snap elections because "we're not just interested in replacing a government that has lost control."

He reiterated that an exhaustive economic "jumpstart" programme he unveiled this past week must be fully implemented, while indicating that the "Memorandum mistake" can be corrected. "Cooperation towards the right direction is imperative; cooperation in the wrong direction is unfathomable".

Moreover, the ND leader expressed his concern over the possibility of a new circle of social tension, while insisting that a re-negotiation of the EC-ECB-IMF Memorandum is a mandatory condition for the country to exit from the ongoing economic and debt crisis.

Finally, Samaras categorically rejected the idea of Greece leaving the Eurozone and called the rumour-mongering over such a prospect as mere speculation aimed at money market manipulation and profiteering.