Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou emphasised on Saturday that it is was “insulting” to the country for anyone to demand islands, amongst others, as sovereign loan guarantees, in an interview published here by the Italian daily “Corriere della Sera”.
Moreover, the Greek prime minister reiterated that the country will “never betray the euro”.

Papandreou emphasized that the very prospect of Greece’s bankruptcy’s was avoided, “winning a bit more time in order to implement the necessary changes for Greece to gain a modern economy, one that is viable and effective.”

“We are, of course, only one-third down this course; in the first of three years into the reform programme have passed. We achieved significant results, but it is understandable for people to worry; they are suffering and have not yet reaped the benefits. We must continue with an iron will, not only to reduce the deficit, which is a symptom, but to enforce transparency; to eradicate corruption; reduce tax evasion and make the system fairer.”

Asked why his government waited a year to unveil its eagerly anticipated privatization programme, Papandreou said the privatizations were not, in the beginning, a priority.

“Now they are at the top of the agenda. We will prove that we are in a position to meet the needs created by the public debt, with a series of developmental plans. Our plan is widely accepted, both by the opposition and the public opinion. We will son approve it,” he added.