Production capacity by Renewable Energy Sources grew 20.3 pct on average in the 2002-2010 period, a survey by ICAP said on Monday. The report said that electricity power sales by Renewable Energy Sources grew 25 pct in 2009, from the previous year.
ICAP said the sector was growing in an unbalancing way, with market focusing mainly to the technologically mature and economically more competitive wind power energy sector. Wind power parks accounted for 78 pct of total capacity, followed by small hydro-electric power units (12 pct), photovoltaic parks (7.4 pct) and bio gas and maze units (2.4 pct). Wind power energy should account for 72 pct of all Renewable Energy Sources’ capacity by 2020.

The market has witnessed the birth of strong business groups, with a large number of subsidiaries, in the sector. A group balance sheet of 77 enterprises in the sector showed that sales grew 16.6 pct in 2009, from the previous year, while EBITDA rose 19.9 pct and pre-tax profits jumped 37.4 pct.