Demand for electricity fell in April this year, compared with the corresponding month in 2010, reflecting a slight decline in electricity consumption by large industries in April, reversing a 12-13 pct increase in consumption recorded in the first quarter of the year. Greek households and small enterprises continued consuming less energy this year, compared with 2010, hit by an economic crisis, the electricity transportation system management body (DESMHE) said on Monday.
More analytically, electricity demand in April fell 1.73 pct compared with April 2010, with large consumers’ demand falling 0.35 pct and households’ demand falling by 1.56 pct.

Demand was slightly up 0.08 pct in the January-April period compared with the same period in 2011. Domestic electricity energy production rose 5.15 pct in the four-month period, while energy imports fell 38 pct. Lignite production rose 8.0 pct and natural gas production soared 64 pct, while the use of oil stations fell by 99.6 pct and hydro-electric stations dropped 56 pct. Alternative energy power stations raised their production by 1.7 pct in the January-April period.